About Us

Slide Systems Ltd manufacture and install internal door systems that use a sliding operation and do not require traditional hinges. 

Pocket doors have not, yet, been embraced by the UK even though Slide Systems have been manufacturing and installing them since 2010. However, awareness of pocket doors has risen over the last few years along with demand. 

Of course, here at Slide we are used to hearing people say “we could have done with that in our house” or “if only we had known about those when we did our house” once they see a pocket door in action and realise the advantages and looks pocket doors give over what they currently have, so we have designed a range of quality pocket door kits that meet the requirements of the UK market, are sized exactly to fit all standard UK door sizes and are supplied with all you need to result in a finished solution for your home along with a range of accessories, such as soft close dampers, synchronisation kits, handles with and without locks and door brushes and seals with different colour finishes.

Slide Systems are often able to produce bespoke solutions for those customers that require a unique solution. We can work directly with architects and supply .DXF drawings that can be inserted directly into CAD drawings.